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We’ve introduced several group challenges that promote teamwork and creative problem solving. They always involve laughter, and that is essential to success.

This one,  from Teamwork & Teamplay, is called Magic Carpet.

You can download the complete lesson here. (Thank you Jim Cain!)

Our teams were made of two Maker Rings, so there were about 8 kids on each carpet. For carpets we used large round tablecloths.

Your team is on a magic carpet ride. All is going well, except you are going in the wrong direction! You look down and realize that your carpet is upside down. You need to turn it right side up without losing anyone off the carpet.


Each team accepted the task gladly. One continued to solve the problem, diligently loading everyone back on to their carpet after “losing” someone off the side. The other team just got frustrated. Each time they failed at the task they grumbled, and resisted getting back together to try again.

After one team was able to flip their “carpet”, all participants took the challenge to be over. At that point they were relieved and looking for a good way to move on.

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