Birch School : Maker Rings

Sharing the Story of "Students supporting Students to MAKE their best work"


Brain Science

Tribes Learning Communities

 Systems Thinking Games – Institute of Play

Systems Game Workshop

 7 Activities to Engage Systems Thinking

Systems-Thinking Playbook for Climate Change

Linda Booth Sweeney – Author of Systems Thinking for Kids Resources

Gamification of Systems Thinking Training
Team-Building Resources

Training Wheels source of team-building

10 Team-Building Games That Promote Collaborative Critical Thinking from TeachThought

Resources for Maker ring meetings

Who am I poem activity

“Making Thinking Visible”  core routine

Circle of Viewpoints
MindSet Works –  Brain Research and the Growth Mindset


Edutopia Tools for Developing Focus – with Daniel Goleman
Educational Cognitive Neuroscience Lab



The Social Neuroscience of Education
“he Social Neuroscience of Education shares the most current neurological and sociological intelligence about creating classrooms that offer and reward emotional empowerment,
where brains are “turned on” so that students can connect and enjoy learning. And just as important as turning on students’ brains, symptoms
Cozolino points out, is supporting educators: Attachment learning provides the same fertile foundation to excite and challenge teachers.”

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