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The Daily Standup at Birch: Supporting each other with encouragement and accountability

Daily Stand Up

This approach is derived from the Agile Software Engineering community. It is sometimes referred to as The Daily Scrum.


This process has many benefits. It is intended as a daily communication tool for participants, as well as a way for students to focus on their work, what they have accomplished and what they are working on. Participants are standing so that the meeting is brief and focused. There are several goals for a daily stand-up meeting:
• To help start the day well
• To support improvement
• To reinforce focus on the right things
• To reinforce the sense of team
• To communicate what is going on
This is done by inspecting the work since the last meeting and forecasting the work that could be done before the next one.



Daily stand-ups involve asking and answering three questions.
1. What did I accomplish yesterday?
2. What will I do today?
3. What obstacles are impeding my progress?
Team members may sometimes ask for short clarifications and make brief statements, such as “Let’s talk about this more after the meeting”, but the stand-up does not usually consist of full-fledged discussions

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