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Marble Runs: Teambuilding and Engineering Challenge

Marble Runs / Marble Roller Coaster

This activity is from Instructables


Marble Run is a complex construction activity that requires skills in spatial relations, mechanical assembly, teamwork, communication, individual contribution, and creativity. The game offers a fun and effective way to achieve a variety of teaching goals:
• Break down barriers
• Create a sense of community
• Encourage laughter
• Enhance problem solving
• Improve communication
• Establish or reestablish trust
• Use as an icebreaker
• Teach team-building


1″ foam pipe insulation from local hardware store
Masking tape

You can also include elements from around the classroom, like tables, chairs, yardsticks, string, etc. To make the project more interesting, I sometimes acquire refrigerator-sized cardboard boxes and duct tape them to the floor of the classroom. Turn your class into an amusement park!


Admin • August 31, 2017

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