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Nature Museum Memory Game

Nature Museum Memory Game

This activity is from Coyote’s Guide to connecting with Nature


Nature Museum is an activity requiring only a bandana and some items found about. It works best outdoors and helps students develop focus and pay attention to detail. It also helps students develop memory and patterning. This activity helps students develop tenacity and encourages persistence and imagination.


Two bandanas

Spread out one of the bandanas. Have the group go out and each gather one item for the “Nature Museum”. When beginning this activity choose 5 items to spread out on the bandana. It is best to choose different types of items, such as just one rock, one stick, etc. Cover the items with another bandana.

Tell students you will open the museum for 60 seconds, and during that time they should carefully study the items on the bandana. After 60 seconds the museum will “Close” and you will cover the items with the second bandana. Ask all the kids to turn their backs for a moment. Carefully, and concealing the item, take one of the items away. Tell the kids they can turn back around. Take turns giving each student 30 seconds to name the missing item. After 30 seconds allow other students to help name the item. Then repeat the process and let the next student guess first.

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