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Mindfulness and Laughter: A game of Smaugs Jewels

Smaugs Jewels

This activity is from The New Games Book

This game requires the whole group to be focused and quiet. It encourages students to slow down, be observant, and to heighten their senses of hearing and sight. It is a way to build team attitudes, as well as build appreciation for each member of the group.


A blindfold or hankerchief, and a set of keys, marbles in a babyfood jar, small glass with coins in it, jingle bells, or anything that makes sound when moved. A variety of objects allows you to alter the difficulty of the game.


One person is chosen as the dragon. He guards a set of jewels (a neckerchief or other flag on the ground). The other players are in a circle around Smaug, and attempt to steal the treasure without being tagged. Smaug can range as far from the jewels as he dares. Once a player is tagged, he is frozen in position until the jewels are stolen. (A popular strategy is to sneak up beyond while someone else is distracting him. Of course there is always the mass rush as a last resort. Beware, if Smaug freezes all the jewel robbers, he has the option of leaving them frozen as long as he likes.)

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