Birch School : Maker Rings

Sharing the Story of "Students supporting Students to MAKE their best work"

Benefits of Open Work

Tribes Learning Communities  Systems Thinking Games – Institute of Play Systems Game Workshop  7 Activities to Engage Systems Thinking Systems-Thinking Playbook for Climate Change Linda Booth Sweeney – Author of Systems Thinking for Kids Resources Gamification of Systems Thinking Training     Resources for Maker ring meetings Who am I poem activity “Making Thinking Visible”…

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Diving in at the start

We are excited about our new Maker Rings project.  Sign up here to get updates about this project.   The website is a works-in-progress.  As our project gets started we will have weekly blogposts.  Curriculum lessons and resource links are continually added to and updated.   EMBARGOED FOR RELEASE ON 11/20/2014   November 20, page…

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THE TEAM: Kate Fox co-founder of the Birch School, ed spent 15 years designing and supervising after school programs for youth agencies in suburban and urban environments, treat such as Boys and Girls Club, and YMCA as well as other youth s service agencies. She has Directed Free Spirit Nature Camp for 15 years, and…

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MakerRings project begins!

Welcome to our new site MakerRings. This will be the center of our new program to develop Maker Rings at the Birch School. Maker Rings are small groups of young people working together to support each other in doing their best work. Stay tuned for more information and for a huge formal announcement on November…

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